ARTICLE 1. DEFINITION                                                                                                                                         ___

The name of the organisation is the South-East Asia Association for Dental Education (SEAADE), hereinafter referred to as “the Association” or “this Association.

ARTICLE 2. OBJECTIVES                                                                                                                                         ___

The objectives of the Association are to promote the advancement of education and research in dental institutions; encourage and facilitate cooperative effort and achievement by, and mutual helpfulness among dental educators in this region. Details are as provided in Chapter 1 of the Byelaws.

ARTICLE 3. OFFICE                                                                                                                                                  ___


The registered office of this association is known as the central office and shall be located in such city as may be determined by the governing body of the association.


Branch offices of this Association may be established in any city as may be determined by the governing body of the associations.

ARTICLE 4. MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                                                     ___

The membership of this Association consists of dental schools, educational institutions and/or individuals whose qualifications and classifications are established in Chapter 2 of the Byelaws.

ARTICLE 5. GOVERNING BODY                                                                                                                            ___

The governing body of the Association is the council which shall be composed of the following members :-

  1. The President
  2. President – Elect
  3. Honorary Secretary
  4. Honorary Treasurer
  5. Immediate Past President
  6. 7 Councillors

All members of the Council shall be nominated and elected at a General Meeting from among the active members and shall serve for a term of two years. Every member of the Council shall perform executive functions of the Association as disclosed in Chapter 3 of the Byelaws. Members of Council are eligible for re-election at the end of term of office.

To be eligible as President-Elect, one should have served at least two terms as a member of council.

ARTICLE 6. COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVES                                                                                                        ___

Country Representatives shall be nominated and appointed by Council from countries of the Association. The duties of Country Representatives are as listed in Chapter 4 of Byelaws.

ARTICLE 7. MEETINGS                                                                                                                                           ___


The Association shall meet at least once each year for a General Meeting unless prevented by circumstances beyond the control of the members. The venue, time, agenda, quorum and all other business of the General Meeting are as provided in Chapter 5 of the Byelaws.

Section 2. COUNCIL

The Council shall meet at least once a year, normally in conjunction with the General Meeting of the Association. Additional Council Meetings may be convened by the Honorary Secretary on instruction of the President of the Association or on request by at least 3 members of Council.

ARTICLE 8. FINANCES                                                                                                                                            ___


The financial year shall be from the end of one General Meeting to the beginning of the next General Meeting.


The waiving or implementation of any membership fees shall be determined by Council and proposed by the Honorary Treasurer at a General Meeting to be approved by at least two-thirds of the voting members present. In the case when no General Meeting is held, the fees shall be executed by the Treasurer after receiving the unanimous consensus of members of Council,


The membership fees and all other monies due to the Association shall ordinarily be collected by the Honorary Treasurer who shall be custodian of such funds and shall keep true accounts of all monies received and expended as well as all assets and liabilities of the Association. Monies may also be collected by person(s) authorised by Council or by members at a general Meeting for a stated purpose.

Section 4. REPORTS

The honorary treasurer and any other authorised person(s) collecting, disbursing and/or holding monies on behalf of the Association shall present a written financial report to the Association at a General Meeting and shall submit periodical financial returns as directed by the President or Council

ARTICLE 9. AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION                                                                                      ___

Any amendments to the Constitution shall be made at a General Meeting. Amendments to the Constitution shall be carried only if at least two-thirds of the voting members present at the meeting have voted in favour.

ARTICLE 10. DISSOLUTION OF THE ASSOCIATION                                                                                         ___

The Association shall not be dissolved except with the consent of not less than three-quarters of the total membership of the Association expressed either in person or by proxy at a General Meeting convened for the purpose or by a postal ballot.

In the event that the Association is dissolved, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on behalf of the Association shall be fully discharged and the remaining funds shall be distributed as the Council shall deem fit.


CHAPTER 1. OBJECTIVES                                                                                                                                      ___

The Association’s objectives are :-

  1. To promote the advancement of dental education and research in all institutions.
  2. To encourage and facilitate cooperative effort and achievement by, and mutual helpfulness among, dental educators in this region.
  3. To stimulate the production, exchange and dissemination of ideas and information among dental educators, educators of other health care professions, and educators in the community of higher education.
  4. To study and investigate the educational aspects concerned with providing and maintaining optimal oral health care for the public.
  5. To communicate with the public, other health professions and the community of higher education to improve their understanding of the importance of oral health care relation to the general health and well-being of individuals and society.
  6. To establish and maintain liaison with governmental and other appropriate agencies that may further the development, support and improvement of dental education, research and service.
  7. To advice and provide consultants and consultation services regarding dental education programs.

CHAPTER 2. MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                                                   ___

Section1. Types of Membership

  1. Institutional Membership

Any Dental School in the region that is actively providing instructions that lead to a BDS/DDS/DMD or equivalent graduate degree in dentistry and pay for the membership fee is eligible to be an active Institution Member. Full time staff of Institutional Members shall automatically receive the rights and privileges of Individual Members.

  1. Associate Institutional Membership

Any dental institution, dental company or dental group  of practitioners that provides or supports dental training such as conduct of continuing dental professional development courses, conduct of dental allied health courses, and any other types of dental instructions but does not lead to a BDS/DDS/DMD or equivalent graduate degree in dentistry and pay the required annual membership fee is eligible to be an Associate Institution Member. Full time staff of Institutional Members shall automatically receive the rights and privileges of Individual Members.

  1. Individual Membership

Any individual who is actively involved in providing instructions to dental students in a dental school shall be eligible to be an Individual Member of the Association.

  1. Associate Membership

The following shall be eligible to be Associate Members:-
(1) Retired dental educators who have been active Individuals Members of the Association;
(2) Members of allied profession with a demonstrable interest in dental auxiliary education; and
(3)Postgraduate dental students of the region.

  1. Honorary Membership

Honorary Members are individuals who have made significant contributions to dental education or have rendered distinguished services to the Association. They shall be proposed by Council in unanimous agreement and elected by an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of those present at a General Meeting. An honorary membership is effective for the member’s lifetime.

     5. Affiliated membership

         Any organizations and associations that promote and support dental education development.


Section 2. Admission to Membership

Application for active membership may be made at any time of the year to the Council of the Association. Membership period shall be effective after receiving an unanimous acceptance by Council

Section 3. Privileges to Membership

Sub-section A. Institutional Member (Staff) and Individual Members shall:-

  1. Have the right to actively participate in all General Meetings of the Association. 
  2. Have the right to stand for election, to nominate or second a candidate for election, and to vote in the Association elections (one vote per institution)

Sub-section B. Associate and Honorary Members shall:-

  1. Have all the privileges of Institutional and Individual Members except for the right to vote or hold office in the Association.
  2. Have such privileges that the Council may from time to time decide.
  3. Notwithstanding 1 and 2 above, Honorary members may be nominated by the Association for appointment to National and International Bodies.

Sub-section C. Affiliate Members:-

  1. The privilege of member registation fees at annual meeting shall be restricted to two representatives for each affiliated institution

Section 4. Obligation of Membership

  1. All members shall abide by the Constitution and not act in any way inconsistent with its objectives.
  2. All members must notify the Secretary of any change in address, telephone and/or fax numbers.

Section 5. Cessation of Membership

Sub-section A. Automatic Cessation

When a member ceases to fulfil the provisions for eligibility as specified in Section 1 above, the member immediately and automatically forfeits its/his/her membership to the Association.

Sub-section B. Resignation

A member desiring to resign his/her membership to the Association, shall notify the Secretary in writing in advance before the current membership is due. Such a member shall however, be required to pay any membership fees or other monies owing by him/her to the Association.

Sub-section C. By Default

A member in arrears in the payment of dues at the time of a General Meeting ceases to be a member.

Section 6. Reinstatement of Membership.

Any member who has his membership terminated by Council for default of membership under Section 5 Sub-section C, may appeal to a General Meeting of the Associations, whose decision shall be final provided at least two-third of the members present with voting rights have voted in favour of a resolution.

Section 7. Rejection

Council reserves the right to reject any application for membership and is not obliged to enter into correspondence nor to give reason to the applicant for such a decision.

Chapter 3. DUTIES AND POWERS OF GOERNING BODY                                                                              ___

Section 1. The Council

  1. The Council shall be empowered to execute the policy of the Association.
  2. The Council shall exercise the authority for the interpretation and execution of the Association’s Constitution and Byelaws which decision thereon is final and binding on all members unless and until an appeal is made to a General Meeting.
  3. The Council shall have the authority to formulate such Byelaws as it thinks fit, and to alter the same as and when it considers it expedient to do so from time to time. Such Byelaws shall be binding to all members of the Association and shall not in any way contradict or disregard the Constitution.
  4. The decision of Council shall be carried when a minimum of 5 members of Council have agreed unless otherwise stated in the Constitution and Byelaws.
  5. The Council shall have the power to authorise expenditure of the Association funds and to manage other financial affairs of the Association.
  6. The Council shall have the authority to admit new members to the Association or terminate existing members following the terms laid down in Chapter 2 of these Byelaws.
  7. The Council shall decide on the need or otherwise of implementing entrance and/or subscription fees.
  8. The Council shall be empowered to appoint such sub-committees as may be necessary to assist in the management of important affairs.
  9. The Council shall generally decide and/or act on behalf of the Association in all matters wherein the Constitution does not expressly otherwise provide.
  10. The Council shall receive reports from Country Representative and any appointed Committee or Sub-committee members and shall act upon the recommendations and resolutions contained in these reports.
  11. The Council shall compile and print a report of activities carried out by the Association and Council which together with the minutes and balance sheet shall be presented to members of the Association at the General Meeting.

Section 2. The President

  1. The President shall carry out such duties as assigned by Council and this Byelaws.
  2. The President shall preside at all General Meetings of the Association and all meetings of the Council.
  3. The president shall have the right to call additional meetings of the Council.
  4. The president shall have the power to appoint any member of the Association to conduct duties and/or receive monies on behalf of the Association.
  5. The President shall have the right to request for periodic reports from any member of the Council, Country Representative or any member of the Association assigned with special duties.

Section 3. President-Elect

  1. In the case of death, disability or absence of the President, the President-Elect shall assume the duties of the President for the remainder of the term or duration of the president’s disability or absence.
  2. The President-Elect shall carry out duties and activities as directed by the President or Council.

Section 4. Honorary Secretary

  1. The Honorary Secretary shall be responsible for summoning all General Meetings of the Association and all meetings of Council.
  2. The Honorary Secretary shall keep minutes of all General Meetings and Council meetings.
  3. The Honorary Secretary shall keep members informed of all the important activities of the Association.
  4. The Honorary Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Association under the direction of the President and Council and shall keep a register of all members of the Association.
  5. The Honorary Secretary shall be responsible to prepare the following for the General Meeting:-
    (1) The Agenda for the Meeting
    (2) The Minutes of the previous General Meeting
    (3) The Annual Report of the Council on the activities of the Association during the year preceding.
  6. All duties, powers and responsibilities of the Honorary Secretary shall in his absence devolve upon one of the Council members or person appointed by the President.

Section 5. Honorary Treasurer

  1. The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection and accounting of all funds of the Association, and shall issue receipts for all payments made to the Associations.
  2. The Honorary Treasurer shall furnish the Honorary Secretary and any other person(s) subject to the directive from the president or Council with a requested sum for miscellaneous expenses.
  3. The Honorary Treasurer shall prepare an expenditure and income recommendation at the end of his term of office for consideration by the incoming Honorary Treasurer and Council
  4. All duties, powers and responsibilities of the Honorary Treasurer shall in his absence devolve upon one of the Council members or person appointed by the President.

Section 6. Immediate Past President

  1. The Immediate Past President shall prepare shall prepare a report of ongoing /uncompleted activities during his term of office as President for consideration of the incoming President.
  2. The immediate Past President shall carry out such duties and activities as directed by the President or Council.

Section 7. Councillors

The Councillors shall carry out duties and activities as directed by the President or Council.

Section 8. Ex-officio officers

The Ex-officio officers are appointed by the Council for specific functions.

Chapter 4. COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVES                                                                                                        ___

  1. The Country Representatives shall keep members of the Association in their countries informed of the activities of the Association.
  2. The Country Representatives shall report annually to The Council of activities in their countries related to the objectives of the Association.
  3. The Country Representatives shall carry out any other duties and activities as directed by the President or Council.

Chapter 5. MEETING                                                                                                                                             ___

Section 1. General Meeting

  1. A regular meeting of the Association for scientific and business purposes shall be held once a year at a place and time determined by majority vote of members present and voting at a preceding General Meeting. Whenever possible, the General Meeting shall be held just prior or after that if the IADR (SEA Division) Meeting or any other major dental convention in the region.
  2. The business of a General Meeting is:-
    (1) to receive and pass the minutes of a preceding General Meeting and to discuss matters arising thereof;
    (2) to receive a report of Council and affairs of the Association;
    (3) to receive the accounts of the preceding financial year;
    (4) to elect and install office bearers for the ensuing term of office;
    (5) to consider amendments to the Constitution in accordance to Article 9 of the Constitution;
    (6) to form any committee as deemed necessary for the execution of affairs of the Association;
    (7) to decide on the venue and time of future General Meetings and to appoint the Organising Chairman; and
    (8) to discuss any other business matters.
  3. The quorum of any General Meeting shall consist of members from at least four countries. If the members present at General Meetings do not constitute a quorum, the Meeting shall be adjourned and reconvened at such time and place as decided by Council on which occasion, those present shall constitute a quorum.
  4. The President of the Association shall take the Chair at General Meetings. In his absence, the President-Elect shall take the chair by consent of members present at the General Meeting
  5. No member shall be entitled to vote at a General Meeting unless monies payable by him to the Association has been paid.
  6. Voting at all General Meetings shall normally be by show of hands unless some other forms of voting is proposed and passes by voting members present at the General Meeting.
  7. Motions at General Meetings of the Association shall be declared carried by a simple majority vote unless otherwise stated in the Constitution or Byelaws.
  8. No voting by proxy is allowed unless it is for the purpose of dissolving the Association.
  9. All decisions made a General Meetings shall be binding on the Association.